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ཐི❤︎ཋྀ Vye ཐི❤︎ཋྀ (PC Only, DPS)

ཐི❤︎ཋྀ Vye ཐི❤︎ཋྀ (PC Only, DPS)

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Slide 2 is a Blender Render, the rest are from VRChat

ཐི❤︎ཋྀ Vye ཐི❤︎ཋྀ (PC Only, DPS)

  • 🕸️

    SDK 3.0

    Unity 2019.4.31f1


  • ཐི❤︎ཋྀ Vye ཐི❤︎ཋྀ (PC Only, DPS)

    ⋆⁺  Vye, a spooky webbed witch ₊⋆

  • 🕸️

    Gogo Loco

    Avatar Dynamics


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ཐི❤︎ཋྀ Vye (Very Poor) :

  • Polygons: 101, 399 | Materials: 8 | VRAM: 48.62 MB | Download Size: 16.90 MB
  • Skinned Mesh Renderers: 5 | PhysBone Components: 10 | PhysBone Transforms: 170 | Bones: 251 | PhysBone Collider Count: 4 | Particle systems: 0

Full stats can be found in the last two slides


ʚ★ɞ. Clothing :

     ✰  Hood, Cloak, Shirt, Neck Cape, Gloves, Heels, Socks, Skirt, Bodysuit, Bra, Panties

All of the clothing listed above can be toggled On/Off

ʚ★ɞ. Appearance:

     ✰  Hue Shift and Saturation control for the Eyes, Clothing Accents, Hair, and Hair Tips

     ✰  Skin Tone

     ✰  Clothing Color Swaps | Black -> White

     ✰  Lashes | Black -> White

     ✰  Hair Customization -Bang Length Control, Hair Puff Toggle

     ✰  Individual Toggles for Piercings

      (Ears, Nose Piercing - L, Nose Piercing - R, Lip Piercing - L, Lip Piercing - R)

     ✰  Ears & Tail Toggle

ʚ✩ɞ. Contacts:  

     ✰ HeadPat, Eye Poke

 all contacts can be toggled on/off

ʚ✩ɞ. QOL:  

     ✰ Tail Wag, Ear Flick 

     ✰ Avatar Brightness

     ✰ Grayscale Lighting

     ✰ Facial Expression (Enable/Disable)

     ✰ Left/Right Hand Expression Swap

ʚ✩ɞ. Extra:  

     ✰ Invisibility - Full body Dissolve

What's Included?

ཐི❤︎ཋྀ Vye ཐི❤︎ཋྀ (PC Only, DPS)

     ⋆ `Vye_PC+DPS.jellcube` Unity Package

Includes 2 prefabs

  • 'Vye jelly.cube'
  • 'Vye_NoDPS jelly.cube'

 This avatar does not include a quest compatible version

In order to upload you need:

VCC Creator Companion (or the Latest VRCSDK3)

poi_Toon_7.3.50_To_8.1.167 (or the Latest PoiyomiToon)

(Optional) Raliv's DPS 1.31


Big thanks to Werty for helping me with the render :)

The pixel avatar art was created by Teahaku, you can check out their work here

Head - Sivka

Eye Texture - Fair

RP Base - Zinpia

Hair1, Hair2 - Saikura

* Hair Card - CicieaaVR

Skirt, NeckCape, Gloves, Heels - Mooshi

DPS - Raliv
GoGo Loco - Franada

The remainder of the assets not listed above were made by me, jelly.cube