Terms of Use

Due to the nature of digital products, digital goods and assets purchased from my shop are nonrefundable. Your license (Commercial or Personal) is only valid if proper information is provided upon purchase. When gifting to others make sure to use their information in the forms provided.


My avatars are for personal use only, unless stated otherwise. The use of credited assets on the avatar may not be used commercially especially if you have not purchased them yourself from their respective creators. Sharing or ‘price splitting' for my avatars is not allowed. The avatar must be uploaded as private. Redistribution or reselling of my avatars is not allowed


My assets may be used on free, public, and commercial models with credit to my shop, unless stated otherwise. They may not be distributed individually or sold unless on a finished model

     + The license for my Nitro Assets is only valid while you are boosting


I, Jelly, reserve the right to refuse any commission that I am not comfortable with or I feel is outside of my capability.

I may post Work In Progress (WIP) images on my social media unless it is discussed otherwise.

  Face Tracking 

     DO NOT purchase a commission slot without contacting me regarding the commissioned avatar or asset. The use of my face tracking commissions are for personal use only, unless we have discussed otherwise. 

     If I do not own the avatar or asset requested for the face tracking commission, permission must be asked of the respective creator of the avatar or asset before work on the commission can begin. I only ask for the FBX and a face texture to work with because I only create the shape keys, this excludes the unity work. If the creator does not allow for the distribution without both the client and I having owned the avatar and/or asset then the cost will have to be covered by the client. This does not apply to custom and/or commissioned avatars that are not sold on the market.


For face tracking commissions, it is required to pay at least half. I will notify you when the commission is complete and request the other half of the payment, you will not receive the completed work until it has been paid in full.



      You may not sell or allow others to asset mine for the commissioned asset. As the creator of the asset I reserve the right to use the asset on any personal projects.

 Content that I am not comfortable creating includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Copyrighted material
  • Explicit/Pornographic/NSFW
  • Gore/Excessive violence

Before requesting a commission please be prepared with reference images and inspiration for what you would like commissioned.

For Asset Commissions, It is required that the base price is paid upfront. After the commission is done you will receive the additional hourly fee. The commissioned asset will not be sold in my shop unless full payment is not completed within 1 month of having ordered.


These terms are subject to change

By purchasing an avatar, asset, or commission you agree to have read, understand, and will abide by my Terms of Use