˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ Coffee ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ (QUEST + PC + VRCFT)

˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ Coffee ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ (QUEST + PC + VRCFT)

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Slide 3 is a Blender Render, the rest are from VRChat

˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ Coffee ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ (QUEST + PC + VRCFT)

  • ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚

    SDK 3.0

    Unity 2019.4.31f1


    Avatar Dynamics

  • ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚ Coffee ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚

    Coffee, a simple two-toned bunny boy

  • ˚₍ᐢᐢ₎˚

    Gogo Loco

    Avatar Scaling

    *SRanipal Blendshapes

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ʚ★ɞ. Coffee (Medium) :
Polygons 59,265 | Download Size: 14.25 MB | VRAM: 96.42 MB | Materials: 11


ʚ★ɞ. Toggles :

          ✰  Slippers, Socks
          ✰  Sweater, Shirt
          ✰  Ribbons

 ʚ✩ɞ Min Brightness Adjustment

 ʚ✩ɞ Grayscale Lighting
 ʚ✩ɞ Skin Radial
 ʚ✩ɞ Hue Shift
 ʚ✩ɞ Color Swap:  Tan  -> Brown


ʚ✩ɞ. Contacts:  

          ✰ NoseBoop
          ✰ HeadPat

 all contacts can be toggled on/off 

* With the VRCFT version you receive the PC version as well

* Both PC & VRCFT come with their own Quest Compatible prefabs

You can find a Quest Preview here

In order to upload you need:

  • Latest VRChat SDK or VCC
  • PoiyomiToon


The pixel avatar art was created by Teahaku, you can check out their work here

The remainder of the assets not listed above were made by me, jelly.cube