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Cotton's Candy

Cotton's Candy

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The first 2 images are from Blender, rest are from Unity using Poiyomi/VRCMobile Shaders


  • Total: 3,204 Tris (BatLollipop: 2,280 Tris/Earth: 192 Tris/Meteor: 192 Tris/Planet: 320Tris/Star: 220 Tris/UFO:1,088 Tris)
  • 1 Material
  • Not Rigged

What's Included?

Cotton'sCandy FBX with Bat Lollipop, Earth. Meteor, Planet, Star, and UFO.
Multiple shapekeys for Bat Lollipop Customization
Includes UVTile Discard Map for use with Poiyomi's UVTileDiscard feature + key.

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