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Nepo VRCFT Add-On

Nepo VRCFT Add-On

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VRChat Face-Tracking Addon

VRCFT Addon for Nepo on Booth

-- This is just an Add-On, NOT the entire avatar --

The package will not work without the base model

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-- You must have face-tracking compatible hardware in order for this Add-On to work!

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vive Pro Eye
  • Vive Facial Tracker
  • Meta Quest Pro
  • Varjo
  • Pico 4 Pro/Enterprise
  • Pimax Crystal

What's Included?

Unity Package including a modified Nepo with UE Shapekeys that is compatible with VRCFaceTracking V5+

Includes 3 Prefabs:

Full Face Tracking (Lips + Eyes)

  • - Includes Eye Puppet Controller
  • - Includes Toggle for Stylized Blink

Lip Tracking Only

  • - Includes Eye Puppet Controller

Eye Tracking Only

  • - Includes Toggle for Stylized Blink


Ears and Tail move with your facial expressions -

  • Smile will make your tail wag and ears perk up
  • frowning will make your ears and tail droop down
  • opening your eyes wide will make your ears move to the side
  • puffing up your cheeks will make your ears stick straight up

Stylized Blink for eye-tracking -

  • can be toggled off through your menu in-game

Includes an Eye Puppet Controller to manually control your eye-gaze

In Order to Upload You Need:

  • VRChat Creator Companion
  • Unity 2022 Avatar Project with Nepo
  • VRCFury

Check out this doc with more detailed instructions on how to upload!

--> [Nepo] How to Upload + Extra Info


-- If you want to keep up with my work or make suggestions for which avatar I should create face-tracking for next, feel free to join my discord server! -> Jelly's Cube

Useful Resources

VRCFaceTracking Docs - Documentation with information regarding anything VRCFT from: